Rough Collie


WSS (White Swiss Shepherd)
Rough Collie                                                                             

O' hevenly von der Nordhelle "Avec"  
Breeder: Nicole Henscke, Germany                                                                            
Dam: Olivia Onyx van Vlerckenstein
Sire: Derwish Devil von der Nordhelle
Poistettu jalostuskäytöstä/ Removed from breeding

 This is a WARNING example for the breeders who buy a new bloodlines round the world.

Avec have inheritable heart disease, authentication by veterinarian Seppo Lamperi from Vet One clinic.

 Unfortable Avec has a breeder who won't  approve of this fact, eaven I have sended her English version writing by heart specialist vet who has now receach her TWICE, named Seppo Lamperi. Maby they have in Germany more education heart specialist what I deeply doupt, cuz in Finland we are as many things top 10 in a world, more like I belive that she won't belive and rather woudn't exept this truth because otherwise she is responcible of selling me a sick dog insteed healthy as she knows at the first place that this female is coming for my breeding program.

Avecilla todettu perinn�llinen syd�nvika el�inl��k�ri Seppo Lamperin vastaanotolla One Vet klinikalla Lahdessa.

 For me this was a huge lost to feed her extremely guality from the puppy, nurce her, sosialize, and all helth sheck and needed vaccations to her..  for what ?.......... FOR NOTHING, insteed I got all this breeder hate and insulting words towards me but nothing reasonable dialog from her side about Avecs illness and how she's going to be part of all this misery insteed she choose to act like non-caring human and unresponsible breeder. It was like I have a middle of the scam to bying pup from her.

 I handed over Avec for free including contract that they check again her heart to this very same heart specialist were we been at the first place after when Avec is 2 year old and if they need to medication to her I will also be a part of that money issue to buy medicines, rest of her life.

This yang lady went a wonderfull caring home to the friend of one 12 year old Husky male.

At least I could give better life for her, because here in a big pack with active healty dogs was too difficult to sick animal, other dogs knew it that everything wasen't right with her. In a long run she just maight been unhappy with she's sickness, what brings many limits to her everyday life eaven not mutch now when she is yang still, but older it maight.

 Still beeing sick she gets life equal to live. Eaven I have stone in my heart when is time to her be Angel Avec in a big greeny fields in a heaven.

I wrote this because I want to be ethical and moral breeder with a big heart and cuz I take sirioously what I do. I understand every living thing I sell from my Kennel forward MUST to be halthy if I'm going to sell it, they are my creations if they aren't healthy  I need to make clear this too the new owners. If something shows up after selling I still have responsibilities I belive, I have made decisions  who I mate to whom ! THAT'S WHY I allways carry my responsibility of the dogs in my heart .

I WANT CO-OPERATIVE ONLY with the breeders and peoples who have brave enought to commit they mistages and stand behind they words not just talking pretty words then when life is easy and go smoothly insteed I value a people who have learn they mistages and committed that to herself also and still going towards with this great lesson and have learned of it ... and also at the first site new owners see my puppies they falling in love, my nightmare is if they need to let go them too early because of breeders dishonesty and greedines.

WE AS A BREEDERS HAVE A HUGE RESPPONSIBILITY TO THE DOGS WE BREED AND THEY PUPPIES.. WE HAVE CREATED THIS NEW VORNABLE LIFE... IT'S NOT LIVING WORTH LIFE TO NO ONE IF IT'S STARTS WITH SERIOUS ILNESS, AND IT'S COMMING WORST IF THE BREEER DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONCABILITY OR EAVEN IN A SKY CLEAR ISSUE and PLAMES THAT IS SOMEONE ELSE PROBLEM... THIS WORK/ HOBBY WE DO IT'S SERIOUS BUSINESS or eaven I take it that way.  As every field of the life there is rotten fruits also between in fresh and usables who destroy the rest.  For this conglution I hope still there is mutch more breeders with responsabilities and big heart that our lovely, intellegent breed of WSS can stay alive many more generations still !!!

First we breeders are responcibilities for ourselves othervise we can't look at the mirrow and say I done my best at the every moment and if I'm not allways managed so well I try harder next time... and second  eatch others meaning other breeders and  byers.

In a life we manage well if just know when is time to say these words..  I'm sorry / how can I help and thank you.

Thank you all who have interest to read this... my story with 1 white puppy.

I wish you all strenght to make wise desisions and the end it will worth it, there is not a short way to happiness it's work, more wisely you do your work more happier you're in the future as well peoples round you!

Wish You All Luck and Wise Head to See Right Things and take Siriously what you see !!

Doing mistages is what we can't avoid allways but doing same kind of mistages twice is indifference and foulness.

I fly from Spain 13.4.2011 with Luna.

At  20.4.2011 Kira and Nanna was Match Show in Lahti allready.

Results Res CC.

I'm so proud of them... my sweet girls !

Thank you Dear Mathilda for this wonderful fearless outstanding girl !





 *Import from Australia

Dam. WGSDAV CHAMPION Neigepearl Vital Obsession


Sire. Bryan Timber vom Weissen Wachter


Photo (above) is taken age of 16 weeks at the very same day in our yard

when she arrived here to Finland :)

She's just amazening little female !!

Thank you Brooke for this great girl and opportunity what you gave me.. can't be more gratitude !



DOB. 12th of May 2012
Dam. Neigepearl Scharlett Opal
Sire. Bavarian de Conquistadores del Azahar

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