Rough Collie


WSS (White Swiss Shepherd)
Rough Collie                                                                             

His name is Banner

Import from USA 2013


Sex:    Male
DOB:   2th of September 2012
Colour: white/ chocolate/ tan
Weight: 5,6kg
Height:  32 cm
Tail: long

No allergies or menthal problems in any situations.

Sydän/ Cardiac:  ok
Polvet/ Patellas: ok
Silmät/ Eyes: PLL Clear/ Terve
Bannerilla on MyDogDNA passi
Banner have tested for MyDogDNA pass.

Mikä on MyDogDNA Passi ?/ What is MyDogDNA pass

                                                                                                          Monterey Muskrat Ramble

                                                                        GRCH Monterey Cochice

                                                                                                           Monterey Artemis

                                  KND'S Lone Ranger @Ramirez

                                                                                                          Fire MTN's Yankee Star Reason

                                                                        Reasons Henna Lass @KND

                                                                                                           Reasons Dream On Me

Ramirez Sunsation Patriotic

                                                                                                            KND's Living in the moment                  
                                                                        Sunset Acres Captain Midnight

                                                                                                            Sunset Acres All May C Heaven

                                   CH'PR' Irishglyn Chocolate Fix @KND

                                                                                                            UWP GRCH Star's Rebel Without A Cause

                                                                       Turn Stars's The Eye Of  Texas

                                                                                                            URO1 UCD UACH GRCH Turn-Esther From Heaven

In the first pic you would see Banners mom Toni
and the few second ones is his handsome father Ranger
Thank you for the pics Trazey Ramirez

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

His name is Gee-Man

Import from USA 2014

Sex:    Male
DOB:  18th of May 2013
Colour: white/ tan/ sable
Weight: 8 kg
Height:  35 cm
Tail: docked

No allergies or menthal problems in any situations.

Sydän/ Cardiac:  ok
Polvet/ Patellas: ok
Silmät/ Eyes:  ok

PLL  Carrier

I'll x-ray his back and he will be tested for MyDogDNA pass, during this year.
Gee selkäkuvataan ja otetaan näyte MyDogDNA passia varten, vielä tän vuoden puolella.

                                                                                                            CH RPK'S SANDMAN
                                                                                                            P296-820 DNA-P, SC3 UFR1 USR1

                                                                                        CH PRK'S DESERT HIGH SANDSTORM
                                                                                        P374-856 DNA-VIP, SC12 GS5 UFR1 USR1

                                                                                                            CH SHELLY'S JAZZY JEWEL
                                                                                                            P285-244 DNA-P SC2 GS2 WP1


                                                  GRCH DH'S WIND BENETH MY WINGS
                                                  P417-666, GS2 NBOB1 SC1 CD1 A11 URO11 WP1 CA1
                                                                                                            FIRE MTN''S STAR SPANGLED BANNER
                                                                                                            P371-873, SC2
                                                                                     SA'S BLUE ELEGANCE OF DESERT HIGH
                                                                                     P390-748 DNA-P, GS2 UFR1 USR1

                                                                                                            FIRE MTN'S BLUE RILEY TOO
                                                                                                            P371-862, SC1

                                                                                                            CA UFR UWP GRCH STAR'S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE
                                                                                                            P359-946 DNA-VIP, GS16 WP5 UFR1 SC13 URO21 WPC1 UFCH1 CD1
                                                                                       NBOB GRCH KISME TURN WHO ARE YOU ?
                                                                                       P464-961, GS17 SC10 WP1 ALCH1

                                                                                                             GRCH TURN EMMIE
                                                                                                             P360-376, GS1 NBOB1 SC

                                                         GRCH  BUR-WAY WILD RIDE @ COHILLS
                                                         P586-895 DNA-P                          

                                                                                                               CH R.P.K.'S CRACKER JACK
                                                                                                               P285-243 DNA-P, SC6 GS4 WP1

                                                                                       GRCH BUR-WAY SWEET HOME ALABAMA
                                                                                       P293-549 DNA-VIP, GS7 WP2 CD1 A21 UROC1 URX1 CA1

                                                                                                                CH SHELLY'S JAZZY JEWEL
                                                                                                                P285-244 DNA-P, SC2 GS2 WP1

         PENTUJEN PEDIGREE/ PEDIGREE OF THE PUP                  Sara has made her choice, I haven't mutch to say about it.. this time I havent plan to mate Sara. They have kept for separete many weeks and I thought  I mean all the sight of heat has gone but how little I knew, I was wrong and they have nice dates :)
After not planned dates I deside to put them separate but in the morning I saw they are in a same area.
 In a night Gee has jumped over 150cm tall fence and both seems to be very happy for the situation.. so I surrender front of this LOVE and let them stay together futher on.
Gee really knows that Saras belly is growing he nurses Sara and take very good care of her.......... Sara really enjoy beeing with him, actualy she is shining . This pregnancy makes Sara smile !
Welcome puppies !!

Sara on tehnyt valintansa, mulla ei ollut paljon siihen sanottavaa sillä en ollut suunnitellut Saralle tästä juoksusta pentuja. Heidät pidettiin erillään monta viikkoa ja luulin jo juoksujen olevan ohi, tarkoitan ettei ollut mitään merkkejä juoksuista enään, miten vähän tiesinkään ja heillä oli mukavat treffit :)
Jälkeen ei suunniteltujen treffejen päätin pitää heidät erillään mutta aamulla näin heidät samassa tilassa. Yön aikana jossain vaiheessa Gee li hypännyt 150cm aidan yli ja molemmat näyttivät hyvin tyytyväisiltä tilanteeseen....... mä antauduin tämän rakkauden edessä ja annoin tästälähin olla hein yhdes.
Gee todella tietää että Saran masu kasvaa ja hän hoivaa Saraa paljon......... ja Sara nauttii Geen seurasta ja itseasiassa loistaa.
Tä raskaus pistää Saran hymyilemään !
Tervetuloa pennut !!

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