Rough Collie


WSS (White Swiss Shepherd)
Rough Collie                                                                             


 Import from Kennel Everblue. Breeder: Madam Claire Cadot, France

Carry Me Back of Everblue "Cali"

Health results

Cali is moust protection from our females... and also she have great will to please if you got her recpect.

She's natural "flower-girl"

who has temperament mutch close to wild animals, she has powerful intuition,

what she's not afraid to show of, moustly her intuition is very right.

This Lady has teatched me a lot about myself and dogs mind generaally.

She is born to run and hopping and she have natural will to work             for her flocks good, not just her own good. She also have guick brain to learn...

so I have to watch what I teach to her or what she maight learn by her own.

I think she will be good at hearding eaven bigger animals than sheeps.

She loves kids, if somebody of them is hurting herself Cali goes and lick and try to ease them pain her own quick way. 

I think Cali's motto is:

Life is too short just laying still

Thank you Claire so mutch for this "wildrose" girl ! 


Dreams of Woodland Tasja Blue "Muusa"

Import from Danmark

Helth results

Muusa is youngest of our bitch Colliest but not less valuadle, she keeps her

head up and her natural dignity, there's no doupt that she's got a strong own mind who can handle some overloading.

She is also full of fun.

She loves life and often I see her just laying our yard and smelling the fresh air and enjoying beeing just herself, but if she figures that we maigt go to training opedience she shape up herself and there is no anymore sign of dreaming Muusa, but very sharp and intellege girl have found. She have great will to do and show to me how good she can be, she just goes trilling about revards of mine like cuttles and favorite is recistance plays with rag, but loves food revard as well.. mutch ;)

I haven't yet found any reward which she have refused of... she just love to learn new things and showing her expecialities and joythat's why we have lot of fun

Thank you Tina so mutch for this wonderful sweet outgoing girl and her great spirit as well beautiful outlook!!




Unicometa´n Corasoncito (Retired)

Health results

Rosa is moust warm spirit female as her mother Toffo was also. Great mother to her puppies who keeps babys in food and clean. She offers absolutly all her attention to her yangsters and is very flexible with them, indeed I often wonder when she is going to shown them how is propeply to behave.. she did not have to proove herself too often or mutch to her puppis because of her diplomatic caracter

With this bitch I have been great pleasure to live. Rosa was guite wild till age 4 and after her mom's past away Rosa's nature smoothen when she realiced that she is an alfa bitch now..little by little she growed her mom's shoes and what were perfect to her to be. I somethime make a mistake an call she as her mom's name "Toffo" because she is so mutch like her mom was.

Rosa is now retired,she has produsing me 2 wonderfull and very big littern.. she was complety great breeding bitch who produce forexample one female dog to the helperschool.. puppy named Giia for her last litten.

Giia will cratuade during 2011.Giia will produse me one litter before she goes to work as a helperdog !!

I'm so proud having Rosa !

She has been very healthy for all of her life no infections/allergies or anyhing at all. I have to say that I'm blessed or I did something very right to have her as she is.

This bitch is my broud and joy....................  She is real Corasoncito


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